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So this was the second event where Katalyst and Horrible Children have collaborated and the first time I’ve worked with Brent Carnes from Ascenscion. On top of that the Quad crew like Jonathan Harris and Elvisand Chris all did a bangup job as well. When Michael and Brent and I came in and told the venue what we were looking to do they were at least a little skeptical but they worked with us to give us access to parts of the venue mostly unknown to all but a select few and we spent a lot of time dressing up the sets and creating interesting flavors so I hope many of you were surprised and delighted by some of the semi- secret scenes we had tucked away for the lucky and/or intrepid few.  That said, musically speaking, Katalyst was responsible for the madness going on in the basement so if you got down to some House, liquid dub, Breaks, Happy hardcore, or Drum n Bass in the basement (and I know most of you did!) then make sure you “friend” and “follow” me and Katalyst Atlanta, also go like the Katalyst productions page to stay up to date with our future stuff.

I had an awesome night hanging with awesome peoples and lots of old friends. It was a nostalgic and wonderful night, with amazing music. I cant wait to do it again.

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Thank you to Elvis Thompson Chris Day & Jonathan Harris. You three did nothing but exude professionalism, planning and (more importantly) crowd care. This is the first time Katalyst was in a ‘club’ type of environment – to be honest I was slightly nervous – more for comfort and expectations of our fans. However it felt just like our events always do.) I can honestly say I’m hopeful for what the future has for the space there. I had numerous people come up to me during the night commenting on how they were glad to have the space again. Just goes to show – location and budget doesn’t matter when it comes to these style of events. It’s about the crowd you attract and what they will bring with them!

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